Nike AirMax 90 configurator

Try to design your own Nike AirMax 90 shoe

Modern manufacturing processes have long been ready to provide end customers with customization options, but they lacked a simple tool to obtain specifications from the customer. And this is where 3D configurators are applied.

Our scanning technology and processing workflows transform any product into a photorealistic 3D model, including adaptation for configurators. The difference between a scanned and a modeled 3D model is obvious and the end customer does not have confidence in a product that is presented by an artificial-looking 3D model.

More and more end customers shop online and leave the conservative way of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. The presentation of the product in 3D provides end customers with the advantage of brick-and-mortar stores, where the end customer can interactively view the product in detail. This connects them with a potential purchase. It is therefore no surprise that our customers, who have already implemented 3D in their e-shops, confirm the increase in sales by about 15% and at the same time the decrease in returned goods.